Sustainable Landscape Program

The Council for Watershed Health aims to create sustainable landscapes that benefit future generations without harming the environment or public health. Their Sustainable Landscape Program includes the following initiatives:

Habitat Restoration and Invasive Plant Control – Removing invasive species and restoring native habitats.

Maintenance Manuals – Providing guidance on sustainable landscape maintenance practices.

Native Seed Resources Coalition – Connecting people to native plant nurseries and seed sources.

PlantBook LA – Documenting and mapping local native plant species.

Riparian Habitat Mapping and Monitoring – Tracking the health of streamside vegetation.

Sustainable Landscape Seminars – Educating the public on sustainable gardening and landscaping.

The Landscape Ethic Committee – Promoting responsible landscape design and management policies.

WeedWatch – Involving the community in monitoring and removing invasive plants.

Through projects like these, the Council works to create landscapes that support local ecosystems and conserve water, soil, and other resources for future generations.