Watershed Coordination Program

Managing our precious water resources requires coordination across many groups. The Council for Watershed Health brings together science, policy, economics, and community needs to develop sustainable plans. We take a big picture view across entire watersheds while also working locally. Our programs support on-the-ground action and regional collaboration.

Key programs supporting watershed coordination include:

  • Integrated Water Management for Greater Los Angeles – uniting groups to optimize water use
  • Outreach to Disadvantaged Communities – ensuring all voices are heard
  • Watershed Symposia – convening experts and stakeholders
  • San Jose Creek Corridor Plan – restoring habitat and flood protection
  • Technical Assistance – providing tools and training for local groups
  • Compton and Los Angeles River Watershed Management – restoring vital urban waterways

Through partnerships across science, government, and community, we can build consensus and drive watershed sustainability. Our collaborative programs are building a brighter future for our rivers and communities.