Stormwater Book

Stormwater in the City: An Alternative Approach to Urban Runoff Management offers a fresh perspective on managing urban stormwater. Traditionally seen as a problem to control, stormwater can provide benefits if properly harnessed. This book explores innovative strategies to capture stormwater’s potential.

An overview of Southwestern hydrology and weather sets the stage. We trace hydrologic changes in growing metros and review standard engineering solutions. Pipe-and-concrete strategies have focused narrowly on protecting life and property from flooding. But urban stormwater can also replenish aquifers, enhance recreation, and nourish wildlife habitat.

The book surveys alternatives tailored to the Southwest’s rainfall and runoff patterns. Strategies like green infrastructure and best management practices take a broader view. They aim to integrate stormwater’s advantages into the urban landscape. Examples from cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas illustrate these emerging approaches.

With academic and professional backgrounds in geography, civil engineering, and environmental science, authors Suzanne Dallman and Thomas Piechota offer an interdisciplinary perspective. Their expertise spans hydrology, water resources, land use policy, and urban sustainability. This breadth informs their vision for cities that both cope with stormwater and capture its benefits.

The book envisions a new relationship with urban runoff. One that moves beyond control to understanding stormwater as a valuable resource.