Strategic Plan

Our Mission

We aim to foster inclusive collaboration to enhance the economic, social, and environmental health of our region’s watersheds through education, research, and planning.

Our Goals

Achieve Regional Sustainability

We stimulate and track progress toward a sustainable region that manages its watersheds to promote economic vitality, environmental health, clean water, reliable local water supplies, restored habitats, ample green spaces, and revitalized rivers and cities. Our programs align with this goal.

Influence Policy and Practice

We demonstrate the benefits of changing policies and practices through our policy work, research, planning, and project demonstrations. We collaborate with agencies, municipalities, businesses, policymakers, and related organizations to drive strategic action and communication. This goal focuses on implementation strategies.

Work Together to Realize Our Vision

We strive to lead collectively, working across government, business, academia, and organizations to maintain and improve capacity. This ensures we achieve our shared Vision 2025. This goal centers on building resources.