Watershed Monitoring Program

Achieving healthy and sustainable watersheds requires understanding our current conditions and desired outcomes. Our Watershed Monitoring Programs allow us to establish baseline conditions, track improvements or declines, and identify priority areas needing more resources. By monitoring river health across parameters like water quality and habitat, we measure progress towards goals of enhancing local water resources and native ecosystems in channels and receiving waters. Key projects comprising our Watershed Monitoring Program include:

  • Los Angeles River Watershed Monitoring: Assesses and tracks conditions in the LA River watershed.
  • San Gabriel River Regional Watershed Monitoring: Monitors and evaluates health of the San Gabriel River watershed.
  • San Gabriel River Nurseries and Irrigated Lands Project: Targets water quality improvements related to nurseries and irrigated agricultural lands.
  • Ecosystem Values of Southern California Watersheds: Studies and quantifies ecosystem services provided by regional watersheds.

Through ongoing watershed monitoring and targeted projects, we aim to restore and sustain the overall health of our vital local watersheds.